How to Create a Resume | Resume Format in India

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How to create the best Resume format

Almost every person wants to find a good job, if you belong to India and looking for a perfect job you need to create an attractive Resume so that it will help interviewer understand correct information about you. Your Resume must provide a lot of information about you that is genuine and an interviewer just wants to know.
If you get disappointed by finding good format of Resume, so no need to worry you are at the right place. Here you’ll find perfect and attractive Resume format.

Your Picture

Your picture on Resume is not mandatory but it encourages,
You must use a passport sized photo of your face on the Resume, Indian resume format typically encourages a photo of a candidate. It must be a professional passport-sized photo, not a picture of yours standing with friends or others.If it seems like your photo would distract interviewers or recruiters from your other assets, don’t wait to leave it out.

Personal Information

You can provide your more information in the Resume but you have to keep one thing in mind you just have to include accurate and important details, you should keep those details that are very concerned to your career.
resume format in India usually ends with a self-declaration and signature, resume in India must always include a candidate’s common details like: name, home address, email, and mobile number. However, you may also add other information, such as age, gender, marital status, and your nationality. You should mention your caste too, if it would be beneficial for you.
Eventually, don’t forget to write self-declaration and signature at the end. You may put self declaration like this: “The information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Professional Summary or Objective

Always remember never put your objective on your resume, because your objective is to get a job, you should use professional summary instead. Always remember you just send your resume to a company, they know that you want to score a job with them.You need to mention short list of your most notable accomplishments and qualifications.

Work Experience and Education

Your work history should be written in reverse chronological order
Put your accomplishments in the section of work experience,
This section is the most important part of your resume and it must be pretty standard
Mention the name of the position, name of the company and its location with starting and ending years you have worked meanwhile
Use this structure for your education section too. List your degrees and certificates with the most recent ones at the top.
Write study field, name of the institution with starting and ending year and your most notable academic accomplishments.

Other Sections

If you put your Work Experience section well in your resume, an employer will able to recognize your skills from the projects you have worked on in the past. If you have a set of skills, you should emphasize them and list your all skills in a section of its own.

You must not mention references on the resume, any company never screen the candidate in the first round, any company asks for references after the successful interview

You should mention the language you are fluent in, don’t pretend to be the best in the language you are not able to speak properly.

How to introduce yourself

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